Monday, December 31, 2012

Feeling Blue after Christmas

Soo Blue, now that Christmas is through...
        Not really, relief that we are through the holidays and life can get back t0
            normal, well, sort of. I am excited about this new year and the changes it brings. As of the start of the New Year I will be in a new position at work, working normal hours. That will leave me not so exhausted all the time! Plus, it's less hours so that gives me more free time, yeah!!!

Here is my blue bubbles quilt top. I appliqued each bubble on by hand. I still need to "sandwich" and quilt it, but that's where I am having trouble. I am not sure how I want this quilted, any ideas? I was thinking of sashiko in the bubbles but as I haven't actually done any sashiko yet, I am a little nervous. I am getting friendlier with my seam ripper but it still breaks my heart to pull it out for fear of wrecking my quilt top!
I was also thinking about appliquing underwater critters in the bubbles, but I thought that might look strange.

And I won't touch it until I know exactly what to do! So I sit and stare at it and watch the rain come down....sooo blue...
Any ideas?


Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas!

        Sorry for grainy picture! I need to figure out how to use my "phone" camera a little better!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

hexagon quilt

By far, this was my favorite project to date! Since I am new to sewing and quilting, this took some time but, boy, was it worth it! I started with gathering up lots of different 1930's replica fabrics. I fell in love with these prints they are so simple and fun and way easy to match up. Then came the cutting and basting onto paper hexagons. I literally had a basket load! With help (thanks to Sara and my daughters) I matched and created about 30 "flowers" no two alike.

The biggest problem that I ran into (and this stalled the project for quite some time) was that I ran out of the gray/black backround fabric. I must have checked in all the quilt shops within 100 mile radius and no luck! And an online search brought up nothing! That's why you see the edges in orange matchy flowers because I really wanted this to be a usable size quilt. (still working out how to take pictures!)

Finished product turned out to be a 50 x 60, completely hand stitched, hand quilted throw for our couch just in time for the cold weather!
Guess I need to figure out the art of picture taking as well!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

just in the nick of time

These were finished just in time! And they are going to one of my favorite fans, my mother! YAY!!!  This year, she is going to do all the cooking for our family (double yay!!) and I thought she should have some new table accessories. I got the idea and pattern over at  Love to Sew, her placemats are super cute!

These were fun to put together and real easy (which is great for this newbie seamstress!) The hardest part was deciding how to quilt them as I was running out of time. I went with a simple box pattern, just enough so that they hold up (hopefully!).

The other greatness about making these....quick gratification!! Which I needed just about now!
                                                            Happy Turkey Day!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Baby shower blanket

Here is my latest project, finished! And just in time for the shower! This was specially made for my friends' newest edition to her girls team. With help from my favorite local quilt shop (couldn't decide on pattern).
This was fun and easy to piece then hand quilted with butterflies and flowers.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

You hoo! Mojo, anyone seen my mojo?

I always tell myself that I am going to work on one project at a time, and finish it before I begin the next. And then life happens, I see something else that needs doing more or I just get excited about something and before I know it, my life is chaotic with unfinished projects cluttering my nights, days, house and yard.  Then I start to look around and feel overwhelmed by it all and watch my motivation go running(screaming if you must know all the gory details!) Out the door. That's when I plop down on the couch to get thoroughly engrossed in a movie that I don't remember the name of shortly after its over. And the man walks in the door and plops down next to me to become as engrossed as I am in- what's the name of this movie?-and as I walk outside, and trip over his unfinished project  I watch his motivation go hand in hand with mine down the street. Then I thought to myself "self, you need a way to acknowledge your accomplishments so that you can keep your motivation".  This is what I came up with.
I hope that by sharing my projects and posting as I finish things that it will inspire me (and thereby inspire the man) to keep rolling full steam ahead!! Really, I just want to find my mojo again!

Here is my first project completed this week. A bag that my girlfriend asked for almost a year ago!