Saturday, November 24, 2012

hexagon quilt

By far, this was my favorite project to date! Since I am new to sewing and quilting, this took some time but, boy, was it worth it! I started with gathering up lots of different 1930's replica fabrics. I fell in love with these prints they are so simple and fun and way easy to match up. Then came the cutting and basting onto paper hexagons. I literally had a basket load! With help (thanks to Sara and my daughters) I matched and created about 30 "flowers" no two alike.

The biggest problem that I ran into (and this stalled the project for quite some time) was that I ran out of the gray/black backround fabric. I must have checked in all the quilt shops within 100 mile radius and no luck! And an online search brought up nothing! That's why you see the edges in orange matchy flowers because I really wanted this to be a usable size quilt. (still working out how to take pictures!)

Finished product turned out to be a 50 x 60, completely hand stitched, hand quilted throw for our couch just in time for the cold weather!
Guess I need to figure out the art of picture taking as well!

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