Monday, September 16, 2013

Fabric Fest 2013

          I just got home from attending the first annual Fabric Fest. This was such a great event put on by Riley Blake with over 300 sewers in attendance. The first night started out with opening ceremonies in the vendor hall. There were lots of vendors, food stations and of course fabric galore! I know this sounds a bit silly but I was a bit starstruck throughout this event! 

                                                               Eleanor Burns and I

           I am fairly new to sewing and found myself walking among designers and bloggers that I have been following for the entire time! I got to meet and talk to a few of my favorites and was so happy to find everyone so nice and friendly!
          I learned a lot at this event as well!! The classes I attended were: Big Stitch Quilting by Andrea Goddard, Retro Travel Bag by Melissa Mortenson and Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows by Sue Daley. These instructors were great at walking you through the steps of their projects and taught us lots of tricks! I came home with the starts to 3 projects and lots of ideas and inspiration.

          I was also fortunate to meet some really nice sewers in the classes who helped me with even more tips and tricks, thanks so much! What a wonderful group of women! 

A little side note: check out our new residents!  

They are living in the trees on the back of our property. There are 4 adults and 5 babies. Every morning they fly (more like flop!) out of the trees to our well house and then start scavenging throughout the neighborhood. Then every evening I watch them fly back to their nest.  

That's all for now, 


Wacky Woman said...

It was great meeting you Regina at the Fabric Fest. I tried to reply to your message; however, you are set to no-reply. If you want to change it, just go to your settings. How did you like the Retro Travel Bag. I'm still plugging through mine.

Val Spiers said...

Hi Regina, I am so jealous that you gat to go to such a big event. In Brisbane Australia we have the quilt and craft show and it is the same in every state. Our designers hold one day events where 3 or 4 of them get together and offer patterns and advice to small groups but you have to pay for the whole day, which is about $150. Last year I visited the craft fair in Puyallup and it was such fun.
Just a few tips about using your google plus profile. Yes you are a nonreply blogger now because google plus hides your email for privacy. I now have a separate email for my blog that I include in my comments. Also, perhaps you could share at least what country you Iive in on your profile. Blogging and using google plus is such fun.
Cheers, val

Regina Rose said...

Thanks Val! I am working on fixing that problem but afraid I am a slow learner :(.

Acorn to Oak said...

That's so cool that you got to meet Eleanor. I used to watch her show on PBS all the time...many years ago.